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I’m a productivity freak and committed to helping female entrepreneurs to achieve their biggest, baddest business goals.

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You Need a Game Plan

Working your butt off isn't enough to make your business thrive.  You need a solid structure, an end goal and a game plan for how to get there!

We don't expect star athletes to succeed without a coach and a training strategy - so why should we think any different with a business?

That's how working with a business coach can drastically change the way you do business and give you the results you always dreamed of - it's all about the structure!

Juliane Grasekamp business coach for female entrepreneurs and women in business
what to expect from a business coach - Juliane Grasekamp


I'm a straight-to-the-point, no nonsense kind of business coach.  I like to make the most out of our sessions and won't waste time with unnecessary fluff.  If you're looking for lots of sugarcoating and waffle - I'm probably not the coach for you!


For a successful coaching relationship there needs to be trust, so you can ask me anything about my previous experience and my business. I believe that a good business coach HAS to have gone out there and done it themselves before they can teach others - so I'll always be upfront about my entrepreneurial journey.

what to expect from a business coach - Juliane Grasekamp
what to expect from a business coach - Juliane Grasekamp

Tough Love

My clients need to be held accountable, this is a key part of the success that they see.  Sometimes that requires a bit of tough love.  This coaching style isn't for everyone but I will push my clients when they need it to help them achieve their goals.


As my coachee you will never be without something to do and a plan of action.  You will leave every session with a clear idea of what your next steps are and what tasks need to be done to accomplish your business goals.  There is always work to do!

what to expect from a business coach - Juliane Grasekamp

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