How to build a website, setting up domain, hosting and wordpress

Building a Website: Setting up Domain Name, Hosting & WordPress

So many people think that setting up a website is a long and difficult process, but they couldn’t be more wrong!  If you’re in need of a website but can’t afford a developer, it’s so simple to do it yourself!

This tutorial will talk you through how to set up your domain name, your hosting and how to install WordPress onto your site so you can start building.

Step 1:  Choose Your Provider

There are SO many providers out there for domains and hosting so you can shop around to find something that suits your needs best.  Don’t fall into the trap of just going with the cheapest because you think it doesn’t matter.  True, at the end of the day they will all provide you with a domain name, but you want somewhere that:

a) has a great support team who can help you out quickly if there’s a problem, and 
b) won’t get you with millions of extra charges and add ons for things that are included in the seemingly more expensive packages.

You may have heard of some providers such as GoDaddy or 123Reg, but I always like to use  We’ve been using them for years, they have great prices, are easy to navigate for both domains and hosting, and every time I haven an issue their team are right on it!   You can use the banner below to get your .com domain name for £1.99.

Step 2:  Register Your Domain

Registering your domain is super easy.  I’ve used for this tutorial, but all providers will have a similar set up.

First, type in your desired name and search, it will tell you if this name is available, and if it’s not, it will make suggestions for alternative names for you.


Step 3: Add the Hosting

A lot of providers require that you have two separate providers for your domain and your hosting, try to find a provider that lets you do both from the one account – it saves a lot of headaches!

When you’re checking out with the domain, you may be asked if you want to use a DIY site builder or if you want to upload your own site.  We want to upload our own site, this allows us to add hosting and install wordpress. (Read: Why you should use WordPress to build your site)

Choose your hosting package,  For now, the most basic package should do, you can always upgrade to larger packages in the future if need be, but as you’re just starting out with the site, a start package should suffice.

Check out as normal.

You may see a screen that says ‘set up now’, if so, click the link.  If not, just navigate to your ‘control panel’  Every domain/hosting provider will have a ‘control panel’ where you can view all your services.  This is where we’ll go to install wordpress.

Step 4:  Install WordPress

This process should be fairly similar across all providers.  Basically we want to navigate to managing the hosting.  Something along these lines:

Image Image

You should now be logged into the hosting, in this case the hosting is through cpanel, but whichever one you use should have a similar layout.  Most hosting packages will have a quick and easy install for WordPress, since it is so widely used, so search for this within your hosting and click it.


Follow the on screen instructions to install wordpress, and you should be brought to a page like this:

Fill in your ‘Site Name’ and site description if you want to do this now, you can always change these later so don’t worry too much!

Create a username and password for the ‘admin’ account – this is how you will login to the back end of your website.   Leave the rest of the details blank for now and hit ‘Install’.

You should now be taken to a page like below, find your ‘Administrative URL’, this is where you will go to log in to wordpress and start building your site.


Log in using the usnername and password you just set up.


Congratulations! You have set up your website! That wasn’t so bad was it?
Now the fun begins as you can start building!


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