Organisation Porn – 5 Vital Business Apps

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a tech geek.  But there are some tools that have been an absolutely fundamental part of running my business.  I am always on the lookout for new software and apps (much to the annoyance of my team) but these five apps are ones that I have used consistently over the years and always come back to!


If i could marry an app, it would be Asana.  Asana started as a cloud based list app that just has all the little features that you need that you can never find all in one place.  Due dates, tagging, assignments, sub tasks, links, attachments, comments.  Anything you could need from a list app, Asana does it.  That was good enough, but they are constantly developing and adding new features and I now use it for various core parts of both my business and my blog.  As well as traditional lists you can make a board view, similar to Trello.  Or you can have a calendar view and use it as an Editorial Calendar (SO USEFUL!).  The possibilities are really endless with it’s uses, and best of all, it’s completely free!  I’ll stop drooling over Asana now, but do yourself a favour and start using this now!

Hopper Instagram Scheduler

If you already use other scheduling apps then you are probably painfully aware of how Instagram is set up in a way that doesn’t allow API’s to publish scheduled posts.  It’s an annoying pattern of having to schedule the post only to receive a notification at the set time reminding you to go and upload the content and put in the captions – not ideal.  But now there is FINALLY a tool that will allow you to just schedule everything in advance and it magically uploads it all to intagram for you at your scheduled time.  AND it allows you to do this from your desktop, so no more scrolling through rows and rows of cat pictures to get to the photo you want on your phone!   I don’t know why more people don’t know about Hopper but hopefully that will change soon! 

SE Ranking

It would be impossible to summarise one thing that this tool is useful for – it’s really an all round package of important tools for your website.  It allows you to set keywords to see how your site is performing in search engines and in relation to your competitors, it shows how well your content is built and structured to maximise your SEO and it analyses your whole site and gives detailed action plans of steps you could take to improve it’s reach and performance.  It’s an all rounder and full of useful and vital information if your business depends on being online. 


If you are posting regular content on various social channels, (if you’re not, you should be!)  CoSchedule will save you hours every week.  It allows you to schedule all your content in one place, including blog posts and social media messages attached to them, everything is linked so if one thing changes the rest moves with it.  It is also different from other scheduling apps such as buffer and hootsuite in that it is set up in a calendar display to make it easy to visualise how your content is planned out.  It is a paid app but if you are publishing multiple messages across platforms every day then it’s definitely worth the investment of $39 a month. 


When you have a busy day, keeping on top of your notifications and what is going on throughout the day can be challenging, long lists of notifications from various apps is both annoying and makes it easy for things to be missed.  Agorapulse brings all your notifications together into one inbox, so you can see twitter mentions, instagram comments and facebook messages all in the one place without having to check multiple platforms.  It also allows you to check items off the list so you know if they’ve been dealt with or not and you can react and respond to everything right from within the app.  This was a lifesaver for me as I kept missing customers trying to get in touch with us over various channels, now I never miss a single thing.  It’s not cheap, but if you are getting a lot of engagement then something like this is essential for keeping on top of it.  

Feed my addiction

Do you have any suggestions for other vital apps for running your business?  Please let me know – can’t ever get enough!

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