Free Website Building for Startups

Are you a startup in need of a professional website?

I have been there, a few times.  I know the struggles that come with launching a new business.  Yes it’s courageous and exciting, but it’s also frustrating and challenging when you have a million ideas a minute and no budget to implement them.  

I have also been working with other startups for years and am always so inspired by the passion and dedication of these incredible individuals.  And I want to help. 

It’s so important for businesses to have an online presence and a strong and professional image to put out to the world.  But websites are expensive.  Many young businesses will take their entrepreneurial spirit and tackle the world of web design themselves.  Admirable, but time consuming, and not ideal when you have a thousand other things to focus on.  Also, without the knowledge of web design, it can take a long time to teach yourself, and a sub standard website is often more damaging to your brand than having no website at all. 

That’s why in 2018 I will be building a website every single month for a young, promising company

There are no strings attached.  No hidden agenda.  I just love the startup community and these people inspire me every single day to keep going – so I want to give back and hopefully make a difference. 

This will be done through my sister company – Skylines Design.

I’ll be choosing one company each month to work with and build their ideal website.  

If you are a small business or startup in need of a professional website then head over to Skylines Design and send an email with the subject ‘SITE FOR STARTUPS’, explaining why we should choose your company.  

Keep hustling!

Jules x

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