Ultimate Business Bootcamp

​​​​​​​The 12 week online intensive coaching programme for motivated female entrepreneurs to get you seriously organized and take your business to the next level
Are you ready to get serious about your business?
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Tell me if this rings true...
  • You feel frustrated by the low returns you are getting for the amount of work you are putting in

  • You are full of ideas but feel stuck and unable to progress to the next level

  • You are overwhelmed with tasks and always tied up working IN your business instead of ON it

  • You have big dreams for your business but absolutely no idea how to make them come true
If any of that sounds familiar... you are in the right place! 

The truth is, you already have the tools you need to make your business wildly successful, you just need a really good plan - and that's where I come in!

​​​​​​​You wouldn't climb a mountain without some sort of map or a path to follow - so why would you do that with your business? 
Hi, I'm Jules!

I’ve been where you are - a few times!  
Back in 2009, I started my first business while I was still in high school.   I loved it, but for the first few years it was very much a lifestyle business.

 When I graduated from University, I decided it was time to get serious and I had to very quickly learn how to transform the entire business to compete in the big leagues.  Within 6 months I had increased revenue to 8 times what it was before, hired an all star team and begun to make a mark in my industry. 

That's when I first figured out the secret to turning small businesses into exceptional ones.  Now I work with clients all over the world to show them how to do the exact same thing for their companies and to achieve their biggest baddest business dreams. 

 It’s not about what you are offering it’s about the way you see your business and the way you structure it accordingly.  If you start treating your business like it’s in the big leagues, you will start operating, growing and earning like it is too.

The truth is, once I knew what to do, it was EASY.

And now I'm going to show you step by step how to do the exact same thing.


​​​​​​​The 12 week online intensive coaching programme for motivated female entrepreneurs to get you seriously organized and take your business to the next level
What you'll get...
Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching
Private one on one coaching sessions every two weeks to dive into the specifics of your business and solve anything you might be stuck on
Tailored  Game Plan
We'll develop an exact, personalised, step by step game plan for you to follow to get super organized and achieve your business dreams
Online Training (forever)
Access my library of online courses, training videos, masterclasses, templates, and resources.  Once you sign up you'll have lifetime access!
Custom Client Portal 
Access your private client portal and app where you can track all your tasks and deadlines over the course of the programme - and I can check in and hold you accountable! 
Kickass Community
Become a part of a kickass community of motivated female entrepreneurs, join weekly LIVE Q&A calls, ask questions and connect with like minded people
Support & Accountability
I will be with you every step of the way.  I'll be regularly checking in through each week to make sure you are on track.  I also have 'office hours' so you can ask me anything between sessions.
Having your business totally under control and flooded with customers that are easy to manage because of your smart systems.

Being able to let your business work for you while you dream up your next steps.

Knowing that your biggest baddest business dreams are GOING to come true, and knowing exactly how you’re going to get there.


Here's the plan!

Deep Dive

We'll hold a microscope up to your business and figure out exactly where you're at - what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you need to focus on

Goals & Roadmapping

We will work out your vision for the business and form your tailored step by step game plan for exactly how to get there

Branding & Market Research

We'll work on your customer avatar, your offer, branding, price points and how you position yourself in the market.

Systems & Time Management

We'll begin looking at how your business operates, how you manage your time and we'll put systems in place to streamline the whole process to be much more efficient

Sales & CRM

We will design your sales process, find ways to drive more sales, look at the customer experience and implement a CRM System to keep on top of all your leads and sales.  We'll also look at what parts of the process we can automate to free up your time

Finance & Accounting

We will break down your accounting processes and set you up to make it easy and painless.  Systems and templates to help you to make smarter financial decisions.  If relevant we will cover funding applications & investment.

Focus & Progress

We'll take stock of how the tailored game plan is progressing, analyze results and make any adjustments necessary.  We'll talk through how to self regulate and adjust your plan in future

Marketing & Social Media

We will develop a digital marketing strategy and do an MOT of your current social media channels.  We'll create an editorial calendar and look at content marketing.  We can also cover Facebook ads where appropriate.

Websites & SEO

We'll analyse your online presence and work on either building or improving your website.  We'll implement an SEO strategy and start driving more traffic to your site.

Mindset & Management

We will look at the way you view your business and it's potential.  Work on breaking down any mental barriers that may be standing in your way and talk through the most common downfalls of similar businesses, and how to overcome them 

Scaling Up

Once you have slick systems in place and a solid strategy, we'll talk about how to take your success and multiply it to grow your business to the next level.  

Next Steps

We'll have another in depth call to go over what has been accomplished over the 12 weeks, analyse results, discuss key areas to focus on and and make plans for what your next moves will be

To find out if this programme is right for you
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So are you ready?

  • ​​​​​​​12 week online intensive coaching programme

  • 7 x private coaching sessions

  • Tailored game plan with built out tasks and calendar

  • Private client portal

  • Online courses & training (lifetime access)

  • Templates, tools and resources

  • Office hours for questions between sessions

  • Accountability emails and task review

  • Facebook community with weekly LIVE Q&A
Book a Discovery Call
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Book a no obligation call  with me to chat about your business and find out if we're a good fit!
Is this programme right for you? 
It's right for you if...

  • You have the drive and determination but just don't know which steps to take

  • You are willing commit and put the time and effort into making the most out of the programme

  • You are tired of guessing and seeing minimal results - you're open to following a step by step strategy for major growth

  • You are ready to get serious about your business and  want  see some big results
It's NOT right for you if...

  • You aren't willing to put in the work, show up for our sessions and show up for your business

  • You are looking for a quick fix or someone to just 'do it for you'

  • You just want your business to be a side hustle or a hobby

  • You aren't ready to dedicate the time needed to make things really happen in your business

Video Testimonial - Kait
Here's what Kait has to say about her experience working with me and the impact it's had on her business
Let's build a winning business roadmap together and make YOUR business a success!
Let's do this! 
Start today and let's get your business in shape! 
Got questions?
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